Hotshot header/ 3"custom intake page
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Hotshot 4-1 header
Nice nice nice

375 cost--
Very close to the alternator
its close but it doesnt touch. The cap for the alternator plug cover did touch so i had to ziptie it forward. (Zip ties did not come with header was very upset)
2000 bag count of quality zipties 19.95--- Who ever inverted them, Hats off to you......
Make your own 3" intake
Cost 40bucks for the 3" manderl U-bend
10 bucks for black ceramic paint(Hi-temp)
3 bucks for 6 hoseclamps 3"
20 bucks for a 3" K&N filter
23 bucks for 3" rubber hose 12"long(From Roadrace Eng in southern cali)
Not cheap but hey its three inch and fits my car perfect. got all the info i need from

Another pic of the intake
Intake stays pretty cold, I used to have a small AEM intake that was made for my stock d16z. But the dam thing was always hot. Even with the stock motor. BTW the AEM worked with my h22,b16 and the d16z it was for a delsol so it was a bit longer than it need to be but still fit good.