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Here is a lot of the same questions i get over and over and over and over and over and over....
Please read this you may find your answer here.

Please dont ask me anymore of these questions

1. Which mount kit is the best(hasport,HCP,or Place racing)??
I cant say for sure but i have no complaints about my HCP mounts as of right now. They are soild but dont vibrate my car to the point of falling apart. There not as expensive as Hasport, which i heard are very good as well. Also you dont have to cut off the upper tranny bracket completly off like the Hasport but you do have to cut a section of it off.

2. Can i lower my car with a h22?
Well my car is lowered on Ground Controls with 500 spring rate up front and 400 in the back. These are higher spring rates than regular. The ride is sorta stiff by bearable for daily driving. I have a good two finger gap all the way around have plenty of clearace for my hotshot header. But i am very carfull up any speed bumps and driveways.

3. Does a h22 civic really handle that bad?
My car handles really good. I had a B16 before my h22 swap and its not that much worse. But you have to take into account that i had Z10 radius bars with my b16swap that i was not able to keep with the h22 due to the larger oilpan with the h22. The z10 are responisble for a large part of the car not handling as good. But my car does handle really good still. If you have stock suspension i would recomend getting a stiffer suspension. You should not be trying to take corners with h22 on stock suspension. Remeber its still a civic. The designer of the car did not have cornering as a very high priority when designing the car. The stock suspension will be of to drive around town with but not to race or corner hard. I can corner really hard with my setup which is not the best. (GC coilovers 500/400, Tokico blues, ST swaybars f&r, and camberkits, and strut tower braces f&r

4. Should i upgrade my brakes?
Yes i think you should. Although the auctual amount of extra braking you really need is small around 200 pounds over a stock motor(the same as if you had a big friend in the car), You will probably be driving faster than your used to in your car. I drive the speed limit all the time but the first two weeks with my swap i found my self about 15 miles over the limit without even noticing. If your carfull you will not have a problem with stock brakes but if you drive fast i would recomend it. Remember its still a civic....

5. How much does a h22 weight? Wouldnt all the extra weight cause it to understeer and plow the front end during cornering?
The h22 swap weights around 75 pounds more than a b16 swap but most of the weight is pushed closer to the firewall than a b16. If you look at the way the s2000 was designed the motor sits behind the front suspension distrubting the wieght more towards the middle for excellent handling. Well since the h22 sits further back the 75 pounds doesnt make as much of a difference as it may seem. Putting 75 pounds on the front bumper and adding 75 pounds to the driver would be a completly differnt car. I have a carbon fiber hood so thats around 15 pounds lighter right there so i really didnt feel my car handled any worse than my b16 with out the z10 bars.

6. How do you wire up the h22 in a civic? Is it hard?
If you follow the wiring diagram on my site it should be staight forward. Im no wiring wiz but if you take your time it is down easily. Just try to keep from getting to excited about getting the swap finshed. The most important thing is to take your time and do quality work. For obdII h22 and JDM h22 i have no idea how the wiring is set up but im pretty sure its similar.

7. What vacume line goes where??? It looks like a big mess to me.
I felt the same way but if you look at the vacume chart its not that hard. Just take your time and recheck your work. im pretty sure JDM h22 do not have the same emmisions system as the USDM h22, so some of the vacume lines may be differnt.