Swap pictures
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Doing the swap
Sorry i dont have many pictures of the swap, taking pictures was the last thing on my mind

Take out the old motor

Take out old rear mount put in new one(dont torque down yet)

Your ganna have to cut off a part of the tranny mount bracket( need to be cut more than this picture)

Driverside mount no mods required

Make sure your motor is preped before you start the swap(belts,gaskets,waterpump,clutch)

Used old mounts(left and right) to left up front of car with engine hoist

Becarful not to dent your fender when you lift up the car the hoist will want to move toward the car

Lift front of car then slide motor under, then let the car back down slowly make sure the jackstands line up propery

Take out old mounts then left up motor and trans. get the rear mount on first(torque down all the mounts after you get all three on.

attach this mount to tranny before you attach to the frame.Also your ganna have to drill a hole where thers a premarked hole in the bracket

Attach the alternater and A/C if you have it also connect all the other stuff. Make sure all the mounts are torqued

Forgot to tell you do the wiring before you put in the motor :P

driverside mount

Also make sure your motor turns freely, My cam gears where rubbing up agaist the plastic cover behind them. Very hard to take off once in the car. Used a soldering iron :P

Heres a better picture of how much need to be cut off. Its still hits a little when trying to get in R or 5th

The stock fan and radiator can be used but some pastic needs to be trimed, bleed the clutch before you put this back in.

Also the rubber ring needs to be trimmed or the fan blade will hit the bleeder valve on the clutch line

Attach the header,intake,fill the oil,MTF,coolent,

Alternator belt from NAPA Part# 25-060370

Buttom clearance with stock header

Lowered this much :P 17" rims

Also Z10 Radius dont fit, the oil pan is in the way of the radius arm

Awwwww my 4-1hotshot header